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Distinguished Lecturer

Cada año, SPE selecciona un grupo de profesionales, previamente nominados por sus colegas, con el objetivo de compartir su conocimiento y experiencia con miembros de SPE mediante visitas a cada una de las secciones locales.

Último Distinguished Lecturer

Enhancing production with Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)

When:  Jan 16, 2019 from 18:00 to 20:00 (Col)

Where: Torre samsung – Cra. 7 #113-43, Bogotá


ESP is a mature artificial lift technology having been in existence for at least 80 years. Yet its applications are still engineering intensive, and numerous challenges still remain. Two significant ones topping the list are run life and intervention cost. The run life of ESPs is still far from desirable. This is particularly true for fields with high H2S concentration. Most ESPs today are installed and replaced with workover rigs with jointed pipes. To replace a failed ESP, the waiting time for a workover rig can be long and the workover time and cost can be high, especially for offshore fields. This presentation first provides insights on the leading causes of ESP failures revealed through Dismantle Inspection Failure Analysis (DIFA) of hundreds failed ESPs. It then leads the audience through the research, development, trial tests of new technologies targeting 10-years of ESP run life and 1-day ESP replacement. It shows how subsea technology can be adopted to re-engineer the ESP power delivery system to bring about a whole new level of reliability. To move away from workover rig utilization, a novel rigless cable-deployed ESP system was developed. The presentation also highlights new techniques being developed to address other challenges such as slim well completion. Experience and technologies discussed in this presentation are applicable for operators worldwide. It is evident that when it comes to ESP challenges, operators cannot be passive. It is critical to actively engage and collaborate with service providers to turn challenges into opportunities.



Dr. JJ Xiao is a Petroleum Engineering Consultant working in Saudi Aramco’s Advanced Research Center. He is the focus area champion for artificial lift, leading a team of multi-discipline researchers to catalyze the industry, innovate, develop, trial test and commercialize cutting edge artificial lift technologies to improve system reliability, operational efficiency, and to expand system capabilities into ever challenging field applications. Prior to joining Saudi Aramco in 2003, JJ spent 10 years with Amoco and later BP-Amoco, working on multiphase flow, flow assurance and deepwater production engineering. He received both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK. JJ has authored 40 technical publications including journal and conference papers. He holds 9 patents and has additional 27 patent applications under processing.


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